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Marsha Russell and her fiance', David (Scott) Kelly founded PWAI, LLC (People with an Idea) to design and manufacture innovative products for the hair care industry. Frustrated by her inability to deliver a high quality of service in hair foiling, Marsha, a 25 year veteran hairdresser and now inventor, developed a new foil paper and technique for foiling hair that is revolutionizing the beauty industry. The firm's signature product, the patented ZipA foil and foiling systems (Patent # 6863076, #7191783), were introduced at the International Beauty Show (IBS), New York, April 17- 19, 2005. This breakthrough product creates perfect foils without lines and spotting that is typical of even the most professional foiling applications and can be applied in a fraction the time it takes for the hair care professional to perform a traditional foil.

The ZipA product line has expanded to include several models, a general purpose model for medium length hair, a model especially designed for short hair making it possible to foil men's hair with ease and two models for long haired clients. ZipA comes in different colored attachment hooks to help hair dressers keep track while using more than one processing chemical. The company also produces an innovative product, called the GripA Hair Grip to help hold the hair in place and for up dos. A new premium hair color line will soon join the family. PWAI, LLC manufactures its entire product line in their own manufacturing facility located in Historic Salem, MA named Shetland Park.

The PWAI team opened Limelite, a signature hair salon and supply center specializing in state of the art hair services and products in a newly renovated space in the Cummings Center in Beverly, MA. Dedicated to the advancement of innovation, the Limelite showcases the most innovative hair care products for professionals and customers alike.

Marsha has developed outstanding multimedia education material to instruct hair care professionals in the ZipA foiling system. The Limelite salon has a built-in live time video filming station. She and her team, educate hair care professionals across the country at trade shows, beauty events, cosmetology schools and in at the Limelite Salon.

The information within this site is copyright©2010 and the property of PWAI, LLC. It is shared for your viewing pleasure only. Under no circumstance is any material to be reduplicated or redistributed in any manner without first notifying PWAI, LLC and obtaining written consent. ZipA® and GripA® are Register Trademarks. ZipA® foils are US patented, other US and International Patents are Pending. GripA® hair grip is patent pending. The slogans used within this site are pending trademark approval.
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