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 Four Versions of the Zipafoil 
There are four versions of the ZipA foil, each designed for a specific use and purpose. You now have the opportunity to chose the exact foil that meets your performance and price needs.

Our first three ZipA foils are constructed in the same manner. ZipA Short Foil, ZipA Standard Foil and the ZipA Long Foil all have the self-attachable patented leading edge.
ZipA Foil Short
6-Inches Long, 4-Inches Wide

This short version of the ZipA Foil is mainly designed to handle your short hair applications. Its shortened work surface makes this foil very light and maneuverable. It easily attaches to hair as short as 1-inch in length. Now you can provide outstanding highlighting services to men and blend in the grays or provide them with bold new options. Because of the low cost of this short foil, it can also be used for root touch-up work. Simply place the short foil in the same location as the original and blend in any root grow out area.
ZipA Foil Standard
8-Inches Long, 4-Inches Wide

This standard version of the ZipA foil will handle most of your common needs. It most replicates the standard working size of the industry. This is a well balanced foil and a pleasure to use.
ZipA Foil Long
10-Inches Long, 4-Inches Wide

This long version of the ZipA foil will handle most of your long hair applications. Its long work surface provides ample room so that long hair has the area needed to process correctly. No need to fold and overlap your hair selection so that it fits within the foil. If a longer foil is needed, check out our ZipA Extender Foil.
 Extend Your Possibilities 
ZipA Extender Foil
10-Inches Long, 4-Inches Wide

The ZipA Extender Foil is constructed without the self-attachable leading edge. The ZipA Extender Foil is intended to be used as extender for our ZipA foils and can also be used for block coloring and tipping applications.
Are you set in your ways?
The ZipA Extender Foil was designed for you. We understand that many can't accept change so we built a less aggressive hair foil for you that's low-cost and superior to what you're currently using. Our proprietory blend of paper and foil is superior to other hair foil materials on the market. You will get the heat retention benefits of metal foil along with the absorption benefits of paper. This all adds up to enhanced color vibrancy and even faster color processing. Use this ZipA Extender foil in block coloring, tipping applications or any other ways. You may also cut the 10-inch ZipA Extender foils in half and double the quantity instantly. Great bargain!
Need an extra long foil?
The ZipA Extender Foil can be used as an extension tail for any of our three primary foils. Instantly add 8-Inches of length to any ZipA foil simply by wetting the end with water and sticking it on. Now your extra long haired clients can benefit from ZipA quality.
See How We Package Zipafoils
Click the link above to get info on how we package Zipafoils
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