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The GripA Hair Grip is a universal hair holding device that can be used for many purposes. Its light weight, flexiblity and wide surface area allows the GripA to hold much more hair than a traditional hair clip or hair pin. The GripA hair grip is actually a band of minute hair attachment hooks. Just press the GripA in place and you're done. To remove, simply pull in the direction of the hair as you would with a comb.

US Patent   7,191,783   8,322,353

  • Light-weight
  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • Low-cost
  • Washable

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  • Reuseable
  • Segment Hair for Cutting
  • Control Hair During Braiding
  • Holds Hair from Face
  • Controls Short Fly-a-way Hair
Create Fabulous Updos
It's as easy as 1-2-3

Simply drag from side to center. Fold in half and secure with a bobby pin. Tease, twist and secure top layer.
Segmenting Hair
Whether you're cutting or coloring hair, the GripA hair grip is a great tool for holding volumes of hair so that you can maintain open part lines and defined work areas.
Braiding Hair
Use the GripA hair grip to control hair during braiding. Maintain that precise clean part line.
Use with ZipA foiling
The GripA hair grip is the perfect accessory to assist with the ZipA foiling process. Its quick application and removal process increases your foiling speed. Take advantage of the built-in weaving edge by placing it close and using it to select your piggyback weave at the same time as your base weave selection.
Holds Hair From Face
Simply attach a GripA hair grip at the face line and you won't need to worry about hair falling in front of your face while applying makeup.
Sleep with Me
Tired of waking up and finding your hair in a mess. Simply place a couple of GripA hair grips in your hair and you'll wake up a little less grumpy. GripA hair grips are soft and flexible and provide that perfect balance of control and comfort.
Helpful Hints 
- Hair can be damp or dry.
- Hair should be combed straight.
- Hair should be tangle free.
- To remove, pull in the direction of the hair in a combing motion.
  • Create Fabulous Updos
  • Control Hair While Sleeping
  • Use the Built-In Weaving Edge
  • Stylish Cosmetic Accessory
  • Natural Colors to Hide in Hair Dos
Keep Your Eyes Open 

Coming Soon is a full line of specialty GripA hair grips

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