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 Unleash your creative potential 
Whether you're an experienced foilist or just entering the art, you can create vibrant variegated hair color highlights and lowlights quickly and easily when you use the revolutionary ZipA foiling system. The ZipA foiling system was designed to enhance on the benefits of traditional hair color foiling while eliminating lines and spotting. Our new line of highly engineered hair tools and an out-of-the-box educational training platform make it possible to create perfect hair color highlights and lowlights everytime. 

The ZipA foil is a self-attachable hybrid performance hair coloring foil paper designed to maximize your speed while enhancing your final results. The GripA hair grip is a new hair holding device that provides a quick and accurate means of controlling and segmenting hair. When you combine these two products with our recommended smart foil placement techniques and hair coloring solution suggestions, you can create perfect hair color highlights and lowlights using our ZipA foiling system.

The ZipA foil is the only product on the market that provides the level of control and accuracy required for proper application of the new generation of high-lift and one-step hair colors. Soon you will have the ability to create bold new effects by alternating between bleach and coloring products without the worries or need of toning. Our advanced paper application surface reduces processing time, enhances color vibrancy and quickly gets you through those awkward orange and tiger line stages. This all contributes to quality results in less time. Give ZipA a try!
Education Center, Movies, DVDs, Kits and More 
We understand that quality hair foiling education is hard to find. This is partly due to the difficulty level connected to using traditional hair foils. Even the best hair foilist struggle with lines, bleeds, spots and close to the root coloring so don’t feel alone. If you gave up hair foiling out of frustration, now is the perfect time to reenter the field. Regardless if you are a cap user or master hair foilist, you are guaranteed to improve on your hair coloring skills with Zipa foil.

Our team of educators represent the new age in hair color highlighting and lowlighting. Each is hand picked and certified in the Zipa foiling technique. We purposely select educators with a multitude of skill levels so that we may communicate, and relate to the hairdressers at any level. We use this information to write our educational programs that extend from brochures for the beginner, all the way up to virtual instructional classroom DVDs for schools and main stage performances at the largest tradeshow events around the world. Take comfort in knowing that you won’t be bypassed just for the name of fame. But when it comes to fame, be assured that we are masters in our trade and welcome a challenge because we all need to allow for advancements in technology when it arrives.        
Construction Begins April 1, 2022

We will begin the process of updating this website on April 1st. We have built you a new website named Precise Hair to handle all your needs including product purchasing. We are sorry for any anticipated outages caused by this transition. Please take comfort in knowing we own and operate both sites and this action reflects a possitive growth period for our company as we expand services and our product line. You can always contact us anytime with questions or continue to use this website as it will remain open during construction.

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