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ZipA Extender Foil
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Extend your Possibilities. The ZipA Extender Foil is very different from our other foils whereas this foil dose not have the self-attaching hook system. This foil was specifically designed for multiple purposes, blend into the work surface of any ZipA Foil to add 8-inches to its length, use as a top side cover to eliminate the need to fold your foils or simply use as a traditional foil.

100 10-inch foils (carton)


We use a special proprietary lamination of foil and paper to manufacture all ZipA Foils. This superior base material has been proven to enhance color vibrancy and even color effects. Use this special material to create custom length ZipA foils up to 18-inches. Simply attach this extension tail by wetting it and attaching it onto to paper surface of any ZipA foil. Because this foil has no attachment means it can be used as a traditional foil. Now block coloring formations can be done with the highest level of control and vibrancy. You may also cut these Extender foils and use them in any means you see fit. If you don't want to fold your foils, no problem, simply place an Extender foil on top of the existing foil and press around the edges with your fingers this will provide more processing area and limit hair damage. Regardless how you use them, be assured to are using a foil that is superior to just aluminum foil.  

 Foil on Angles 
 Use Less Hair Foils 
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