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ZipA Foil Pro-Pack
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We are dedicated to our serious ZipA foil users and feel that you deserve a price break. Why pay for all the packaging? Buy 2000 foils in bulk form and save. Our ZipA Foil Pro-Pack, when combined with our $2.00 flat rate shipping special, reflects a 30% saving off our regular package prices.

Each 2000pc. ZipA Foil Pro-Pack is custom designed by our customers. Mix and Match multiple sizes to make the perfect 2000 foil fit and price.

The ZipA Foil Pro-Pack is intended to be used by a salon with several hairdressers. On your own? Share this Pro-Pack with other hairdressers and you all can reap the price gains of buying in bulk. Simply pick your custom size and save.  Please Note: The price shown is our lowest price and represents 2000 ZipA Mini Foils. Several custom options are available to select and a price add-on for each option will be added to the base price. If you do not see the perfect custom option, please call us at 1-800-935-0910 and order by phone.

 Foil on Angles 
 Use Less Hair Foils 
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