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Phat Ass Foil
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This is the largest ZipA Foil available. The extra width and length makes this foil a real work horse. Never again will you get lost in the endless mass of long hair. This Phat Ass foil will easily handle long hair applications and like all ZipA Foils, precision is guaranteed.  

100 12-inch long, 5-inch wide foils


The Phat Ass foil represents one of our greatest achievements. We pushed the limits with this foil and used our proprietary technology on a large scale. Despite the large size, these foils are easy to use. Because of the extra size of these foils, we recommend using them on the back of the head of long-haired clients but the final decision is always yours. We also suggest mix and matching multiple ZipA Foil sizes to the job at hand. Wider foils will increase speed and narrower foils will enhance precision. Proper planning will save you valuable labor time and also save on foil cost. Order your custom mix of multiple sized ZipA Foils in a Pro-Pack and save an additional 30%.         

 Foil on Angles 
 Use Less Hair Foils 
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