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Professional Grade
The Zipa foil represents a new age in professional hair coloring. Zipa outperforms traditional hair foils and highlight caps by basically providing an easier to use platform that produces superior results in less time. It's kind of like common sense!
The Zipa foil was designed for you by a professional hairdresser. We welcome all your input. Let us know what you think. Sign and view our guest book at the bottom of this page and share your thoughts with the world. (small but there)
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ZipA Starter Kit
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The ZipA Starter Kit was developed for the first time ZipA Foil user. This introductory kit will introduce you to the different ways of using the ZipA Foils correctly and provide you with all the proper tools and education needed to enhance your hair foiling career.

100- ZipA Standard Foils
    4- ZipA Long Foils
    4- ZipA Short Foils
    4- ZipA Mini Foils
    4- Colossal Foils
    1- GripA Hair Grips
    1- Color Applicator Brush
    1- Metal Pintail Comb
    1- Introductory / Educational DVD
    1- Educational Brochure


When purchasing the Starter Kit, it is assumed that you are a professional hairdresser and hold basic hair foiling skills. This kit will show you how to attach the foils, create and maintain work zones and use the foils in a manner to create bold new effects using less foils. This kit is a introductory kit developed to start you in the right direction. Some learn quicker than others and it's up to the individual in determining if additional training is needed. We offer advanced education ranging from advanced foiling DVDs, classroom education or an intense 2-day certification process that teaches color theory all the way to working on live models. 

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