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 Introduction to Foiling Education 
The Beauty Industry is vast in size and the entire world contributes to the many trends, hair styles and hair coloring processes used. Because of this, when it relates to hair coloring, you have many options available to you. We understand that most of you have your own individual techniques and practices. Our mission is to introduce you to an alternative means of precision hair coloring that can either work together with your current practice, or become your new standard.

The ZipA foiling system is new and most replicates what we all refer to as "foiling". Don't make the mistake of assuming this is just another foiling class. The technically advanced ZipA foil is the only product on the market that provides you with all the benefits of hair foiling without the related downsides. Now cap users can easily convert to using foils without the years of training and frustration.

Experienced foilists using traditional foils typically place them in a set block pattern and carefully fold the packets of foils to keep them from slipping. ZipA foil is designed so that it does not rely on folding to keep the foils firmly in place. Because ZipA foils are self-attachable, they may be placed on angles to achieve maximum color balance. You will use less foils when you practice our smart color placement techniques.

We are assuming that everyone has at least the basic hairdressing skills needed to attempt foiling so we will move into our first training segment and introduce you to the basics of how to use our ZipA foil.
Helpful Hints 
- Hair should be combed straight and tangle free

- Hair may be damp or dry

- Mist hair with water for a better grip

- Do not select too much hair when selecting a weave or slice

- If a chunky or bold look is desired, back to back or piggyback multiple foils

- Never pull or tug on selected hair

- Place foils on angles to eliminate hard lines

- Mix your coloring solutions to the proper consistancy

- Remove foils before washing
How to Connect the ZipA Foil 
The ZipA foil is a foil paper that is self-attachable so it must be used in a different manner than traditional foils. As you are aware, the ZipA foil is lined with two rows of self-attaching hooks. These hooks must attach and hook on to the selected hairs chosen to be colored. Once attached, the ZipA foil may slide along the length of the hair during the adjustment process. When the final adjustment point is reached, which is when the zig-zag edge is close to the scalp, the ZipA foil is pressed on, this secures the foil in its final resting place.
 Foiling Methods 
Because the ZipA foil is so technically advanced, it may be used in multiple ways. We have formed two methods for using the ZipA foil. The first is named the "Traditional Method" because it most replicates traditional foiling where a weave is selected and the foil is then placed. The second is named the "Weaving Edge Method" because the foil is placed first, and the weave is selected second allowing the user to take advantage of the ZipA foil built-in weaving edge. The Weaving Edge Method is preferred when foiling short hair so we sometimes refer to it as the "Short Hair Method" or a combination of both.

We will now show you the basic foil connection techniques for each of the methods.
Since you are familiar with how the ZipA foil connects to the hair, it is now time to take you to our next segment of instruction. This next section will focus on the Traditional Method of using the ZipA foil.
 Foil on Angles 
 Use Less Hair Foils 
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