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Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Is this product a gimmick?
    We often hear that our products are to good to be true. Our products are rapidly becoming accepted as the new standard in the industry and because of this, we have just invested over $1,500,000 in our own manufacturing facility in Massachusetts. Check out our growing list of professional supporters and you will be assured, this is no gimmick.

  • Aren't you making it to easy?
    The last thing that any hairdresser needs is to struggle when trying to produce an income. Our products are designed to put the control back into the hands of every hairdresser to make it possible to create perfect beautiful highlights every time faster than ever before. Both the client and the hairdresser benefit.

  • Why should I pay more for ZipA foil?
    Each ZipA foil is a highly engineered disposable tool designed to save on labor and enhanced precision. When you factor in your saved labor and superior results, you will realize that you've actually saved on cost and enhanced your profits.

  • How much more does ZipA foil cost?
    If you follow one of our 30-foil placement formations you will pay approximately .89� more than the cost of producing the same results using traditional foils. Our basic 30-foil formations can be achieved using $1.71 worth of ZipA foils. Buy in Bulk and pay as little as 5.7� per ZipA foil. The more elaborate your creation and the choice to purchase by individual package will lead to slightly higher cost.

  • How do I save on cost?
    We have several ways for you to save if cost is an issue. First, gradually convert to ZipA foils by continuing to use a combination of traditional foils and ZipA foils. Use our foils only where precision is needed. Second, mastering our placement techniques will result in using less foils. Last, buy in bulk and share with other hairdressers. Purchase a Pro-Pack and save 25%.

  • Do you want to fingerpaint or do you want to foil?
    Unfortunately, the pressure of foiling correctly has taken its toll on the beauty industry in the US. Standards have been lowered and what was never accepted is now considered acceptable because it's easier. The rules are about to change. The tools are now available and vibrant variegated foils are coming back, don't loose your customers to a local competitor because you acted too late.

  • What coloring solutions do I use when foiling?
    In order to achieve the best results when foiling you must experiment and think outside of the box. The hair coloring industry is rapidly changing and their are an array of new coloring options available. No longer are you limited to bleach products when foiling. If you have not done so, please take advantage of our education. It is loaded with great creative custom coloring tips.

  • Where do I buy Zipa foils?
    We have to admit that we are a new company introducing an innovative product. We continually pursue distributor relationships and the list is gradually growing. If our products are not in your local supply store, we welcome your business directly. We cater to direct customers and ship the same day at very low prices.

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