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Professional Grade
The Zipa foil represents a new age in professional hair coloring. Zipa outperforms traditional hair foils and highlight caps by basically providing an easier to use platform that produces superior results in less time. It's kind of like common sense!
The Zipa foil was designed for you by a professional hairdresser. We welcome all your input. Let us know what you think. Sign and view our guest book at the bottom of this page and share your thoughts with the world. (small but there)
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Regardless of your level of expertise, we are prepared to handle all your needs when it comes to training and education. We operate our own training facility in Massachusetts focused on continuing and advanced education for the licensed cosmetologist. If your needs are student related, let us introduce you to one of our partnering cosmetology schools. These schools are hand selected as being the best qualified in advanced hair coloring. Each of our partnering schools must go through a complete certification process insuring that each instructor is aware of the new products within the industry and capable of instructing the most modern advancements in hair coloring.
Cosmetology Schools 
We are about to embark on a vast mission of raising the standards within the beauty industry simply by educating the consumer and forcing change. This is going to have a huge impact on future demands and we hope our schools are prepared to adapt and conform quickly. We are fully prepared to assist you with every aspect of this transition. Our level of commitment to you will be based directly around your level of commitment to us. As the manufacturer, we hold the ability to insure your success by offering you options far beyond the reach of a most distributors. Regardless of what level of commitment you show, we welcome your business and have the products and services to meet your needs.
Products for Schools
We offer a full array of educational products to insure the success of your school. See the details by clicking the link above.

Take advantage of our training services and invite us to instruct your class or certify your instructors. We are prepared to donate up to $200.00 worth of Zipafoils to your school each month for training purposes. Qualify for our Full Support Program and get the direct support from a national manufacturer, see the detail by clicking the link below.
 The Perfect Fit 
The Zipa foiling system is quickly becoming recognized as a perfect fit for our cosmetology schools because it supports the basic fundamentals taught for many years. These fundamentals include proper weave selection and close to the root variegated coloring. Unfortunately, competing products have added to the difficulty and frustration for both the student and teacher when teaching these practices. Because of this, we as an industry are drifting away from precision and settling for an easier acceptable standard. Now that the difficulty is greatly reduced, both teachers and students can go back to enjoying the task of creating works of precision art. We know the client is demanding the service and for those willing to try again, the rewards will be tremendous.
 Burmax and Marianna 
The Zipafoil is well on its way to success but we can't do it alone. We are proud to announce that Marianna Industries and the Burmax Company will be assisting us with school sales. You can now take comfort in knowing that you have options when purchasing. Currently both Marianna and Burmax are prepared to handle sales and the Zipafoil is displayed within their 2010 Catalogs. When it comes to the training aspect, we as the manufacturer are better suited to assume this duty so please feel free to take advantage of our many personalized training opportunities.
 Keep America Up Front  
We pride ourselves on taking the time and effort to better the industry for our students and teachers. The students ability and income is directly related to the quality of training that they receive from our schools. The international market is quickly advancing in hair coloring and Americans deserve the right to compete. It all begins with a commitment from our schools and as a US manufacturer, we are prepared to assist you with keeping American hair dressers on top.
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