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Shipping Policy 
The process of shipping your order is very important to us. Most orders are delivered on time to the correct address and received undamaged but occasionally things go wrong. The shipping process involves choosing the best value and matching it to the requirements. Shipping can become expensive and many levels of service, types of carriers and add-on options are available. Here at PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil we know that no customer wants to get shocked by having a great deal turn into a bad deal during the check out process after shipping rates are applied. We are looking out for you and providing the best possible shipping values for our customers. With value always comes risk so please read our shipping policy.
By default, PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil uses a $2.00 per single item FLAT RATE shipping program. The FLAT RATE shipping program is a no frills program developed to deliver your items at the lowest cost possible. PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil reserves the right to use any respectable carrier, any level of service and deliver in any time frame. Optional Services are Not provided. The FLAT RATE shipping program is a Voluntary Program chosen at check out by the purchaser and does not represent the only shipping options available.
United Parcel Service (UPS), United States Postal Service (USPS), Federal Express (FEDEX), R & L LTL Carriers
All orders ship from Massachusetts, USA. Shipping times vary with each carrier.
UPS Ground, NE 1-2 days, SE 3-4 days, Central 3-4 days, W 4-5 days. Days = Business Days Only, $100. Insurance, Tracking, Signature Confirmation.
USPS Parcel Post, 1-14 days, entire US. Days = Business Days and Saturdays, Delivery Confirmation
USPS First Class, NE 2-3 days, SE 3 days, Central 3-4 days, W 4-5 days. Days = Business Days and Saturdays, Delivery Confirmation.
USPS Priority Mail, NE 1-2 days, SE 2-3 days, Central 3-4 days, W 3-4 days. Days = Business Days and Saturdays, Tracking, Delivery Confirmation.
R & L, NE 1-2 days, SE 3-4 days, Central 3-4 days, W 4-5 days. Days = Business Days Only, Tracking, Signature Confirmation, $100. Insurance.
USPS First Class International,14-17 days all Locations, Subject to Clearing Customs, $50. Insurance
USPS Priority Mail International, 6-8 days all Locations, Tracking, Delivery Confirmation.
Above is a list of Shipping Carriers and services provided. Customers may request and purchase Add-ON services to meet their needs and level of security. Purchases may request and buy Insurance, Signature Confirmation, Expedited Services, COD, Holds and Forwarding. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to upgrade their own custom shipping services. 
Provided within the Shopping Cart is an item listed as Shipping Services. Please select and purchase an optional add-on that best fits your needs. If customer does not see the correct option, please inform us during the check out process by completing the additional information window and we will notify you of the cost, acceptance and confirmation. Customers may also call us direct at 1-800-935-0910 and purchase shipping option over the phone.
It is the obligation of the purchaser to provide PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil with a valid registered shipping address and location that is safe and secure from theft and the elements of the weather. PWAI, LLC/ ZipA Foil reserves the right Not to request a Signature at delivery. Carrier will first attempt to contact a person to accept order, if no person is available to accept delivery, carrier may drop package off at the delivery location. Sometimes carrier places the order at a door, in a lobby or with a neighbor. It is the obligation of the purchaser to prepare for delivery. All online orders are confirmed with a return receipt that includes a carrier name, ship date and type of service. Purchasers may call PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil at 1-800-935-0910 to confirm the delivery status of any order.
PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil products are considered professional and intended to be sold to professional hairdressers only. Professional Hairdressers are required to be licensed and must provide their client services in a register and regulated commercial location such as a salon. If Purchaser chooses to have deliveries sent to their Home Address rather than their Business Address or any address register as a Residential Address, PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil reserves the right to forward any additional cost accessed by the carrier to the cost of delivering to a Home Address to the Purchaser.  
Orders placed by phone require the fulfillment of the order verbally. Purchaser must communicate all needs and expectations with the Order Taker. Purchaser must provide valid information in a clear understandable manner. Order Taker will make every effort to translate the information correctly but not liable for invalid or poorly translated order information. Phone Orders require extra labor and cost above that of Online Orders. PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil reserves the right not to offer Flat Rate shipping services to Purchasers that place orders by Phone. In the case of refusal of Flat Rate shipping services, Purchaser will pay 100% of the cost of shipping the order as accessed by the carrier. Phone Purchasers are required to visit the website of to read and inform themselves of shipping policies, terms and conditions.
Any order considered a distributor or wholesale order is exempt from the terms and conditions of this shipping policy.
International Orders are orders placed with a delivery destination point outside of the United States. Special conditions apply to International Orders. By Default we use the United States Postal Service, First Class Mail International for shipments under 4 LBS. (10-17 days) and for shipments over 4 LBS., we use the United States Postal Service, Priority Mail International (4-8 days). Both these services will be delivered by your local mail carrier. This is an optional shipping service and other services are offered and may be purchased that may be more secure. Please consider the quality and security of your local mail carrier before accepting this service. International Shipments are considered High Risk because of the several changes of hands that take place with the package. All shipments must pass through customs. PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil provides all the correct paperwork needed to clear customs, reads and agrees to the shipping restrictions and does its best to prepare for this process. We do not deduct or add tariffs, fees or duties but rather provide the documentation so that these deduction can be made by the proper authorities. We do not guarantee customs clearance, time it takes to clear or the condition or the package due to inspection damage. All International Purchasers should be prepared to pay a tariff or duty to local authorities before package delivery. The tariff rate is set by your local authorities and online available for viewing. Clearing Customs can add days to the delivery process of your order, please be patient. Orders do not qualify for returns or refunds based on the failure of the purchaser to pay duties or tariffs due or the acceptance of the delivery. Insurance is included in all International Shipments but Delivery Confirmation is optional. If package is lost or damaged an Insurance Claim must be filed to disclose tracking information. Both Delivery and Signature Confirmation services may be purchased at an added cost. Please notify PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil at time of purchase to order and purchase these services.      
Each item is inspected for damage prior to delivery. Each item is placed in an approved box and great care is taken to properly protect the item(s) inside. We fill any voids within the box with a protective filler to prevent damage from moving product within the box. Unfortunately, many carriers abuse packages and the first sign of abuse is a crushed or damaged box. If box is damaged, please inspect contents for damage before accepting and notify the carrier.
Once order is completed, packaged correctly, processed correctly, delivered and accepted by the shipping carrier. All liabilities of shipping the order are transferred to the shipper and purchaser. It is the duty of the Purchaser to anticipate delivery date, accept and secure the package. It is the duty of the Shipper to deliver the package on time in an undamaged condition. PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil is not liable for Lost, Damaged, Stolen, Unclaimed or Misdirected Orders. All refunds or credits are limited to Insurance Claims Only. 
If insurance is not provided in your shipping service, you must purchase it as an add-on service. Failure to purchase insurance does not transfer liability rights or obligations.
It is the responsibility of the purchaser to file an insurance claim with the shipper's insurance company in order to recover any financial loss occurred by the lost, theft or damage of any item or delivery. PWAI, LLC/ZipA Foil will provide purchaser will all order information so that the claim may be filed correctly but limited to such. 

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