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Made in America 
All our products are manufactured in Historic, Salem, Massachusetts in our own facility. We operate a family owned business and place great importance in providing you with innovative quality products that improves the life of the hairdresser.
Manufacturing and Packaging 
Fan Folding
All ZipA foils are manufactured in groups of 26-foils. This group is attached by perforations on the edges of the foil that form a string of 26-foils. We take this string of foils and fold them in what is know as a fan-fold pattern. The reason we connect and fold our foils, is to add stability and rigidity to the individual foils to prevent damage.
100-Foils In A Package 
ZipA foils are packaged in quantities of 104-foils. The package consists of 4 fan-folded groups of 26-foils. We add 4 foils to each package as an allowance for any damage or inconsistency in manufacturing. We package ZipA foils in clear air-tight thermoformed containers to insure that your foils are protected from humidity damage.
Opening Instruction 
Separating the Foils 
All ZipA foil packages are sealed with a clear easy-peel film. At the top left of each package, in the corner is a triangle area where the film is not sealed. This forms a pull-tab. Pull this tab and the entire top sealed lid should be able to be removed with a single pulling action.
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    35 Congress Street STE 018
    Salem, MA, 01970
    Phone: 978-745-3966